Singapore Talent Development – Building First-Class Leaders

These words by President Wilson Talked to governors gathered in a White House meeting. The President went on to state In the past, the prevailing idea was well expressed in the saying that Captains of industry are born, not made and the concept was that if one could find the ideal man, methods may be safely left to him. In the future it will be appreciated that our leaders must be educated right and born right, and that no good man can expect to compete with lots of ordinary men, who were properly arranged effectively to collaborate. More than ever before, is the requirement for capable men in excess of the supply.

Time to Pay Attention

Together with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) warning organizations to get ready for severe labor shortages during the next 20 years, the words spoken by then President Wilson in the early 1920s resonates even today. Experts are questioning whether minds of industry are listening to the clarion call. And as I say a problem is in fact there. Talent to step into Time is taken by leadership functions, and workers have to be screened and assessed before capital investments are made to channel them. Some strategic areas to look at when considering employees for your leadership development program are:

  • Capacity: Does the applicant possess the capability to learn and have they shown a wiliness to learn information and new knowledge?
  • Tenacity: Has the applicant shown they could follow along with projects, seeing them while some may quit and is there an ability to stick it out?
  • Dependability: Is the applicant Dependable; can you rely on them? Availability is nothing without dependability.
  • Loyalty: Can the applicant stay Loyal to the program and, are they committed to staying with the organization for an agreed upon time period, as a method of demonstrating their appreciation the capital investment that the company has made in them?
  • Positive Mental Attitude: Does the Applicant have a positive, can do attitude, and can they stay positive. Can you rely on them getting an evangelist for the app?
  1. Going the extra Mile the Applicant demonstrated that they are ready to go the additional mile on any mission, and can you rely on their wiliness.

These are a few of the questions as they want to create leaders that are first-class, Associations may ask of those needing to enter their leadership talent development singapore program. But remember that graduates of any leadership development program are only going to be as powerful.