Qualities of a Good Yoga Teacher

What makes a great yoga teacher? As a rule of thumb, a yoga teacher must have some knowledge of the anatomy alignment to help their students safely go into and get out of various yoga poses. Great teachers always take their time to teach their students about every single pose and movement that they’re doing. As their students keep on learning better skills, they keep adding more challenging poses and movements.Yoga

Here are the qualities of a good yoga teacher that you should look for when hiring them to learn yoga.

They Always Keep in Touch With Their Students

A good yoga teacher spares some time to get in contact with their students, and help them learn the poses before they actually attempt to do it. Usually, yoga teachers can forget doing this because of their busy schedule and frequent classes, but a great teacher never forgets this.

Teachers also ask their students about the possible injuries they might get into. This way, they adjust the poses to fit the requirements and physical limits of their class. This is the standard thing in good yoga schools like Marianne Wells Yoga School.

They Allow Some Silent Time

New yoga teachers are usually scared of silent time in their class. They feel the urge to fill every moment of their class with information regarding the poses they’re teaching. This way, they overdo it, and the students fail to learn by trial and error.

On the other hand, a good yoga teacher is never afraid to allow some silent time in their class. They know that this allows some learning room for them. They let their students focus on their own bodies, and do the poses in the best way possible. These are some traits that your yoga teacher must possess.