Instructions to Sew – Stage One is Basic Skills

There are three stages to figuring out how to sew. They are: 1) learning the basics, 2) garment construction skills and repairs and 3) sewing for the sake of entertainment and benefit. At the point when you arrive at the third stage, you will appreciate sewing and locate that regardless of whether you are not a professional seamstress, you are skillful to accomplish most of the sewing objectives you seek.  This article will focus on the first stage, learning basic skills. Learning basics skills on a sewing machine is not advanced science, yet does require time and persistence. Numerous individuals have an objective of figuring out how to sew on a sewing machine and need to start toward the start. You, as well, can figure out how to sew and retouch with a sewing machine just as numerous others have before you.


What are the basic skills expected to sew on a sewing machine?

  1. Learn to string the sewing machine.
  1. Learn to back stitch at starting and end of seam.
  1. Learn to sew in a straight line.

Yes, with these three basic skills, you will be prepared to step up to the following degree of figuring out how to sew on a sewing machine, that of garment construction and repairs. We should begin on learning these basic skills.

Figuring out how to string your machine:

Peruse your Cat May Alamode manual. It might sound dry and exhausting, however you’ll save yourself lots of time and frustration in the event that you read what the folks who caused your machine to advise you to do.  Work on stringing your machine until you can do it in almost no time. In the event that the instructions are not clear, jump on the web and search for images and videos to assist you with adhering to the instructions.  Work on winding your bobbin. At any rate it is decent to have two or three bobbins all twisted and all set.  Work on stringing the bobbin once your machine is strung. Once more, there are images and videos accessible on the web to assist you with understanding your user manual.

Figure out how to back stitch:

Peruse your sewing machine manual. Yes, it is the same first step as above. You have to locate the reverse catch on your machine. On the off chance that you are working with an old machine that just goes ahead, you should overlook a reverse fasten and just turn your texture around.  Work on sewing forward a couple of stitches and afterward reversing and afterward continuing forward. This propensity will give you secure seams for a considerable length of time.