What are the different types of foam mattresses? – A guide to learn about the construction features and benefits of foam mattresses

         Foam mattresses were designed to increase the blood circulation. It also reduces the stress on the joints. They are anti – microbial. These are some of the common features of all types of foam mattresses at mattress sales Austin.

Here are different types of foam mattresses

Polyurethane foams

         They are also called poly foams. They are generally used as comfort layers in hybrid mattresses. It is similar to memory foam in every aspect. The only difference is that it does not use any chemicals for melting down like that of memory foam. For more info https://www.amerisleep.com/retail/austin-the-domain

         Many complain that these foams leave body impressions over time and lacks support

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Memory foam

         There are 3 types of memory foams as follows

  1. Traditional memory foam –It gives a cradling effect. The only drawback is excessive heat retention. One can visit mattress sales Austin to learn more about the heat retention properties of these mattresses
  2. Open cell memory foam –Designed to solve the problem of heat retention. Responseswell to body temperature.
  3. Gel memory foam – Well suited for back problems. It is hypoallergenic. The gel is infused into the foam mattress to help to promote heat transfer.

Reflex foam

         It is for those who cannot afford a memory foam mattress at mattress sales Austin. It has medium level of firmness and is made of polyurethane. Unlike memory foam mattress that use holes to conform to the user ‘s body, these mattresses use bubbles. The bouncing quality of reflex foam mattresses are better than the memory foam mattresses

Latex rubber foam

         It is manufactured from the white sap found in rubber trees. The liquid rubber extracted is whipped into a cream and placed in a mold. It is allowed to settle and is then heated to form rubber foam mattress

Convoluted foam mattress

         It is also called the egg crate foam. This is mainly because of its structure with peaks and valleys. They are usually used as mattress toppers. It provides good heat dispersion, spinal alignment. They are easy to pack as compared to memory foam mattress at mattress sales Austin.

All these mattresses have initial odors. This is because of the Volatile Organic Compounds in the mattress are degraded after they are exposed to room temperature.

Always prioritize comfort and durability of all the other factors while buying a foam mattress.