The Truth about Christmas day Celebration

Have you ever wondered about Christmas? By the time you found out there did you wonder aspects of the holiday? Did you ever wonder where Christmas came from? Have a Christmas tree? Where did the notion of Santa Claus originate? Why is this day celebrated on the 25th of December? What do festivities and all these symbols mean? What is God’s view on those things? You will be more surprised when you discovered the truth about Santa Claus In the event you were amazed.

As shocking as it Might sound, there is nothing Christian about Christmas. It was guys who made the term Christmas in the term Mass of Christ. This way, the name of Christ came to be associated with this holiday and millions have come to think it is a Christian observance. The simple truth is that how many days until christmas holiday, with ceremonies and the symbols, was practiced centuries before Jesus was born. It did not become part of professing Christianity following the Savior’s crucifixion and ascension. The celebration of Christmas was not embraced during the times of the early New Testament church or the apostles. ¬†Christmas was, According to many authorities, not celebrated in the first centuries of the Christian church, as the Christian usage in general was to celebrate the death of remarkable persons rather than their arrival.Christmas

Why December 25?

Today, most of the world celebrates Christmas on the twenty-fifth of December. Werner Keller writes in The Bible as History, December 25 is referred to in documents as Christmas day in A.D. 324 for the first time. Under the Roman emperor Justinian it was recognized as an official holiday. An old Roman festival played a part in the selection of this day. December 25 in ancient Rome was the Dies Natalia Invites, the birthday of the unconquered sun, the day of the winter solstice and at the same time, in Rome, the final day of the Saturnalia, a week of unbridled carnival. It is clear from the Listing of history that Christmas originated during occasions and has been celebrated following the death of Christ by the world for centuries. This day became adopted by the Roman Catholic Church in the fifth century. Where did the pagans get their thoughts regarding a party?

¬†After generations of customs and those practices, Nimrod came to be considered the son of Baal. His mother and he became worship’s entities as a Madonna and child. This belief and where the names of those gods were Isis and Osiris practice spread. December 25 the son Osiris was born. It was Denies and Cybele. In Rome they were known as Jupiter and Fortuna. To this day we find the remnants of mother and child worship through the world. It is not surprising that this system exists at the close of the age. It is known as Mystery Babylon Revelation. It is practiced in Christmas and is disguised as Christianity.