Skiing and Snowboarding Safety Tips to know

ski gogglesSkiing and Snowboarding trips are a wonderful family escape, but downhill sports are intense and need a little additional attention to make sure your small human’s security on the slopes. Having the best gear and being well-prepared will make the game more enjoyable for children and allow the parents have a more relaxed time.


Finding fit and the equipment is crucial in addition to his safety. With so many styles, it can get overwhelming, so always turn to an expert at a pro-shop for advice. If a kid is in love with cool-looking equipment which may not be the best match for him, he is more inclined to change his mind and listen to the experienced snowboarder or skier in the store and look at other recommended choices. For small skiers, it is important to get a proper boot fitting. Children have more slender feet than adults, which makes it more difficult to size them for boots, so it is a fantastic idea to have an expert helps you discover the ideal ones. For small snowboarders, usually height and riding style is considered so your helping expert should be asking your child these questions. A helmet will keep your child warm and protected. It should rest just above the eyebrows so that the eyebrow can be protected and the straps should be snug under the brow. Goggles are a great idea; it will protect the eyes and reduce the glare which makes it easier to see.


Layering is the best way to stay hot and dry. The first layer should be a breathable or wicking material that could pull away moisture from the skin to keep it dry. Does not use cotton as it get chilly and can soak moisture up. It is a fantastic idea to layer only with best snowboard goggles made especially for winter sports since they are covered by a watertight shell that can also help keep skin dry.

Other Preparation Work

The solar glare off the snow can result in serious sunburns, particularly with kids because they have more sensitive skin. Use skin and lip protection. Applying it and having lotion available will help reduce windburn. Skiing and Snowboarding are extreme sports, so be certain you have a hearty, wholesome meal before hitting the slopes. We often underestimate how much you sweat as you are in the cold, so remind your little ones to hydrate regularly. If your child is new to the game, you should benefit from the classes available at the slopes. You might be a seasoned skier or snowboarder, but a ski or snowboard instructor is uniquely qualified so that they will surely cover all of the bases on security and responsibility. Raising awareness for security and responsibility codes to your child will make it safer for them, in addition to some other skiers and snowboarders, on the incline.